Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY Scallop Skirt and Fringe Love Tee

Whoop whoop haven't posted any post since a while. I miss my blog *kecup basah blog* *kesetrum*. Well I had done my DIY project a week a go (finally!) and i love it much. This is my first tutorial for DIY and i really want to share to my blog to all readers all over the world :) . Actually everyone has known about this but it is not wrong right to share it? and here it goes!

DIY Scallop Skirt

1. Preparation :
1. Skirt ( you are free to use what kind of skirt, but it best if you use cotton fabric one)
2. Marker
3. Round Mold
4. Scissor
5. Ruler
2. Mark how long you will cut the skirt and make the scallop patern (use ruler to measure it)
3. Draw the half-circle to make scallop patern using mold and marker
4. Cut the skirt based on the patern which you have drawn before
5. Voila! your scallop skirt is ready to use :) (you can make it neat by sew the tip) 

Fringe Love Tee

1. Preparation :
1. Tee (you can use another kind of tee like longsleeve or medium sleeve)
2. Pencil/marker
3. Scissor
4. Ruler
2. Fold tee into 2 part, the back side 
3. Draw a half-heart shape
4. Cut the shape based on your drawing. Heart shape on your back now! :)
5. Now make the fringe, measure how long it will be by ruler and mark it
6. Cut the tee fringing about 0,5-1cm (i cut it freely :P)
7. Voila again! You have your Fringe tee and heart shape on your tee at once. 

I hope you enjoy my DIY tutorial and try it yourself :)

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Enjoy your long weekend geekies! :*