Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Beach!

Such a long time I don't post anything, since a month a go I think and I miss blogging so much ( I miss my blog reader toooooo!!) 
I went to a beach a week a go with some of friends and it was a blast. I'm a beach addict and I really crave for going to beach such a long time, I even had dream about it (more that once). I was so happy!!!!!!

The lucky beach that I visited named "Goa Cina" beach. It is located at South Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Some peeps haven't heard about it but that's the plus point. The more unknown a beach the moreeeee beautiful it is. It is abouth 7-8hours from my town to reach it. However we didn't go a day to reach it, we stayed at a villa in Malang and the next day we continued the trip. 

photos taken at villa which we stayed 

My Girls

I played around the beach and felt the water breezed my feet. That was the most soothing things! I want this so bad since I still faced the exam :p 

Forgive me for my unpleasant face expression hahahaha

See you Happy Beach ! 

What I Wore 

plain white tee - unbranded
navy polka button skirt - details
boater hat - selfish
tick tock necklace - bought in Mangga Dua 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick Post : DIY and Cool Things

Just a random things that I got from surfing the net this afternoon. These are amazing! I always interested at DIY project cause it's so unique and inspiring. I found it on this cool site named CraftGawker

organizer from old window

i forgot what it is :p but i'm pretty sure this made from old magazines, brochures, etc.

necklace display from thread roller

headboard made from old and unuse wood

suitcase sidetable 
 This last picture isn't diy goods like another. It's an artsy things that i think amazing and I can't stop wondering how can he/she do this. Told on the article through this he/she made a campaign fight against the air contamination and go green.
do you see the detail of the engraving? so much look like real!

source :

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


You don't have to be a shell 
You're the one that rules your world 
You are strong and you'll learn that you can still go on
And you'll always be a pearl

Who like the quote? :p me as well. Actually it's taken from Katy Perry's song "Pearl". I'm one of her fans, not so big but i love her anyway. 

A new outfit post agaaaiinn but i want you to know that the making is really driving me crazy. FIRST when i took the photos by self (of course by photo timer) it turned to be blurry, most of them and the SECOND when i was about to edit them, most of all the "saved" photos couldn't be open (the device said "photo is corrupted or bla bla bla" ) and i was like about to screaming aloud. 

Okay enough for the "disaster story behind the post" and here are they "the saved photos". Taken in my messy and small room. Not enough sunlight so I edited them a bit in tone.

About the outfits just simply mix and match them randomly. One thing that i should tell you is about the shoes. It is an ugly shoes which i bought in somewhere i forgot and it would be used for ceremony in college because i didn't have any black shoes and i just randomly bought a pair and didn't mind about the style of shoes. It's not a "very stylish shoes" or maybe "it's not a fashion shoes". I thought it so (at first) and again i got a wild mind. I tried to combine them and i realized it's not to bad. Pretty things make you great but when you turn an ugly things into pretty ones, it's greater. Isn't it? :)

black dress with pearl collar - sash
red bowler hat - sash
tights - sister's
shoes - unbranded 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey Summer!

It is summer already, isn't it? Well I'm in 2 season country so I don't have to wait for summer season because every day is summer here XD . Hot is in every day and I get tan easily. Hiks :__(

I am in holiday now wohooo after fight for TONS of assignments and KILLER exam, I am free now :D but still wondering about the marks :/ . Are you in holiday too or what? Whatever it is always cheer and smile for your day and good outfits can affect it. Bright colors are hip in summer. So why don't you wear it? :)


This gold peace necklace is so small, really!. Major cute!

bracelet and wood bangle
black triangle ring

My favorite oxford recently. Really love it!

red abstract tied outer - unbranded
jeans balloon dress - Coolteen
green minis bag - friend's
navy rounded glasses - trade center
bracelet - trade center
wood bangle - bought in Bali
gold peace necklace & black triangle ring - online shop
stocking - sister's
oxford shoes - Adorable Project

Almost all of my stuffs are cheap and unbranded. I rarely buy something just to get the brand. Well as it comfortable and I love to wear it, I buy it. However i still love branded stuffs ;p

Have a nice day all!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY Scallop Skirt and Fringe Love Tee

Whoop whoop haven't posted any post since a while. I miss my blog *kecup basah blog* *kesetrum*. Well I had done my DIY project a week a go (finally!) and i love it much. This is my first tutorial for DIY and i really want to share to my blog to all readers all over the world :) . Actually everyone has known about this but it is not wrong right to share it? and here it goes!

DIY Scallop Skirt

1. Preparation :
1. Skirt ( you are free to use what kind of skirt, but it best if you use cotton fabric one)
2. Marker
3. Round Mold
4. Scissor
5. Ruler
2. Mark how long you will cut the skirt and make the scallop patern (use ruler to measure it)
3. Draw the half-circle to make scallop patern using mold and marker
4. Cut the skirt based on the patern which you have drawn before
5. Voila! your scallop skirt is ready to use :) (you can make it neat by sew the tip) 

Fringe Love Tee

1. Preparation :
1. Tee (you can use another kind of tee like longsleeve or medium sleeve)
2. Pencil/marker
3. Scissor
4. Ruler
2. Fold tee into 2 part, the back side 
3. Draw a half-heart shape
4. Cut the shape based on your drawing. Heart shape on your back now! :)
5. Now make the fringe, measure how long it will be by ruler and mark it
6. Cut the tee fringing about 0,5-1cm (i cut it freely :P)
7. Voila again! You have your Fringe tee and heart shape on your tee at once. 

I hope you enjoy my DIY tutorial and try it yourself :)

Last but not least, I want to inform you about a giveaway that i join this week. It is from The Endless Wishlist (Nixie Pyrena) one of my favorite blog. She has held a giveaway to win June and Julia voucher's shopping worth Rp 250.000 each winners (she will pick 2 winners so our chance to win is bigger :) ).

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Enjoy your long weekend geekies! :*