Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Beach!

Such a long time I don't post anything, since a month a go I think and I miss blogging so much ( I miss my blog reader toooooo!!) 
I went to a beach a week a go with some of friends and it was a blast. I'm a beach addict and I really crave for going to beach such a long time, I even had dream about it (more that once). I was so happy!!!!!!

The lucky beach that I visited named "Goa Cina" beach. It is located at South Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Some peeps haven't heard about it but that's the plus point. The more unknown a beach the moreeeee beautiful it is. It is abouth 7-8hours from my town to reach it. However we didn't go a day to reach it, we stayed at a villa in Malang and the next day we continued the trip. 

photos taken at villa which we stayed 

My Girls

I played around the beach and felt the water breezed my feet. That was the most soothing things! I want this so bad since I still faced the exam :p 

Forgive me for my unpleasant face expression hahahaha

See you Happy Beach ! 

What I Wore 

plain white tee - unbranded
navy polka button skirt - details
boater hat - selfish
tick tock necklace - bought in Mangga Dua