Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#OOTD Inspiration : Vintage Boyish

Vintage Boyish


Outfit inspiration made from Polyvore.com

I love this kind of outfit. The theme is vintage and a bit boyish. This outfit is wearable and easy to mix. The hype tartan shirt meets leather jacket and boots. Couldn't be any hype! Put a retro glasses and flower headband = perfect.

I hope this outfit mix will give you inspiration of what to wear. See my next #OOTD inspiration soon.

Xx, Rani

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mixed Up!


Floral dress - Vintage
Black tights - Unbranded
Black boots - Bonclassy 

How's life? Been missing since January and I still haven't posted any proper outfit post. HAHAHAHA i am such a bad blogger (i wish for fashion blogger, tough). I have so many thoughts in my mind from college, personal life, favorite playlist, and fashion ideas.

Tough Semester 

I've finished my midterm exam and it was hectic. 50% accomplished 50% doubtful. I do not like study hard for exam. I just need to understand the essential things that might come up in exam. I surrender my score to my lecturer. Just give me at least B or A- , then i'll be fine. 

This semester is quite hard or if you want me to be honest, IT IS HARD. I need to survive until the end of my college life. It also means I need to stay strong and enjoy the suffer. This is the perfect time for calling Doraemon and ask him to bring me to the future when I already be a princess or marry a perfect handsome British guy. 

Need Excitement

I am a student, a 6th-semester-suffered-from-college student. I do not have any special power or ability. I can't swim, I can't play music instrument, I am not that smart geeky girl, and I am not that popular bitchy girl. I am an ordinary girl who loves to live in her own world name BED ROOM. You know, a kind of magical world that makes you so creative and let you be yourself, a place where you can be a singer, model, and professional stylish in the same time. 

I want to try some out of box activities which people will wonder and say "what the hell are you doing?" and i will be like "uhhh you know, what cool kids do". (NAILED IT!) 

But still do not know what it is. 

Latest Playlist 

I've been listening to some songs which I've been listening for it since 5-6 years. WOW! (slapped on face) 
But seriously, I am a type of girl who can't be moved. My close friends know I am crazy for Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy, and other weird songs coming up from films. Yes, I mean soundtrack. 

I love rock, punk, alternative, a bit indie, sometimes folk and electronic. 

Here's my 10 latest songs I play in my phone 

1. Marina and The Diamonds - Primadonna
2. Panic! At The Disco - Far Too Young To Die
3. Paramore - Misguided Ghost
4. Haim - The Wire 
5. Saybia - The Day After Tomorrow
6. Imagine Dragon - Radioactive
7. M83 - Midnight City
8. Pharrell - Happy
9. Marina and The Diamonds - How To Be a Heartbreaker
10. Bon Iver - Hinnom, TX

You can add some to your playlist. If you don't like it, well... you have to question your degree of COOLNESS. 

Having some great songs more than mine? Simply put your list on comment box and I'll download it later

Fashion Ideas 

All cool kids wearing this item now, instead of the sense of they really like it or just following the trend i don't know, you judge. This fashion item is PARKA, kind of coat but with drawstring and usually light weight. I love PARKA and I already have 2-3 piece. The weird thing is I haven't worn them yet because you know, I live in a city where everyday is sunny up to 30-32 degree celcius. So maybe i'll wear it when snow falls down in my city, which is impossible thing. Z

For you who wants to see what parka is and how to mix and match parka, I have some outfit recommendation taken from street stylers. 

Nice? So stylish? And tempting? but don't know where to buy? Well perhaps branded stores like Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear have them. You can also try to hunt them in thrifted store for cheaper price. 

Mixed thought post huh? I try to make something fun and different for this post. It's successful or not, you readers are free to judge. I just want to share my ideas and things in my mind. Hopefully it's useful. Or if not, thank you for reading until this part because this means you enjoy reading my post. HAHAHA 

See you in another post and keep following my blog. 

Have a SUPER day!

Xx, Rani


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Long Hiatus Is Over


Omg i miss blogging so much. I haven't been log in since January 2013. That was a year ago. 

Actually I had posted some posts but the internet connection was always in trouble, so it was postponed. 

If you think I am not interested in blogging anymore, you are a bit right :p. No kidding , I am still interested in blogging. I miss blogging even I know there are not many people will read my blog, I don't mind. I think blog is one good way to put all my mind into real object, a post, a blog post. 
Imagining in 10 years later, I read my blog again. It will be fun to travel back, like I have a time machine. My own time machine. It will be great!

Early 2013, I started to enjoy a hype application where all teenagers and cool people surely have it. Yup, it is Instagram. I started posting my outfit through Instagram. Here are some of my best shots (or random silly ridiculous craps) : 

If you have Instagram account, please kindly follow me @holla_rani 

There are many things I'd like to write or share. My new project, redecorating my blog, my outfit post, and music stuffs perhaps. I think of changing my blog name and header. It is too old and I think of something new. Still thinking of it and searching for some inspiration. What do you think? Do you have any cool ideas? I will appreciate it if you have any thoughts and share it to comment column :) 

Xx, Rani

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wolfie & Galaxy

Just a short photoshoot for FULKA new stuffs. What is FULKA? It is my little tiny online shop, part of my own side project. It provides women clothes & others. Curious? Get a sneek




Been super lazy to update my blog recently since my last post on Spetember :p but today feel a bit up to share some. 
Planning to go to bookstore grab something interested & spending 3 last days of holiday before back to college & assignments. 

Enjoy your holiday :) 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Beach!

Such a long time I don't post anything, since a month a go I think and I miss blogging so much ( I miss my blog reader toooooo!!) 
I went to a beach a week a go with some of friends and it was a blast. I'm a beach addict and I really crave for going to beach such a long time, I even had dream about it (more that once). I was so happy!!!!!!

The lucky beach that I visited named "Goa Cina" beach. It is located at South Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Some peeps haven't heard about it but that's the plus point. The more unknown a beach the moreeeee beautiful it is. It is abouth 7-8hours from my town to reach it. However we didn't go a day to reach it, we stayed at a villa in Malang and the next day we continued the trip. 

photos taken at villa which we stayed 

My Girls

I played around the beach and felt the water breezed my feet. That was the most soothing things! I want this so bad since I still faced the exam :p 

Forgive me for my unpleasant face expression hahahaha

See you Happy Beach ! 

What I Wore 

plain white tee - unbranded
navy polka button skirt - details
boater hat - selfish
tick tock necklace - bought in Mangga Dua 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick Post : DIY and Cool Things

Just a random things that I got from surfing the net this afternoon. These are amazing! I always interested at DIY project cause it's so unique and inspiring. I found it on this cool site named CraftGawker

organizer from old window

i forgot what it is :p but i'm pretty sure this made from old magazines, brochures, etc.

necklace display from thread roller

headboard made from old and unuse wood

suitcase sidetable 
 This last picture isn't diy goods like another. It's an artsy things that i think amazing and I can't stop wondering how can he/she do this. Told on the article through this he/she made a campaign fight against the air contamination and go green.
do you see the detail of the engraving? so much look like real!

source :  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


You don't have to be a shell 
You're the one that rules your world 
You are strong and you'll learn that you can still go on
And you'll always be a pearl

Who like the quote? :p me as well. Actually it's taken from Katy Perry's song "Pearl". I'm one of her fans, not so big but i love her anyway. 

A new outfit post agaaaiinn but i want you to know that the making is really driving me crazy. FIRST when i took the photos by self (of course by photo timer) it turned to be blurry, most of them and the SECOND when i was about to edit them, most of all the "saved" photos couldn't be open (the device said "photo is corrupted or bla bla bla" ) and i was like about to screaming aloud. 

Okay enough for the "disaster story behind the post" and here are they "the saved photos". Taken in my messy and small room. Not enough sunlight so I edited them a bit in tone.

About the outfits just simply mix and match them randomly. One thing that i should tell you is about the shoes. It is an ugly shoes which i bought in somewhere i forgot and it would be used for ceremony in college because i didn't have any black shoes and i just randomly bought a pair and didn't mind about the style of shoes. It's not a "very stylish shoes" or maybe "it's not a fashion shoes". I thought it so (at first) and again i got a wild mind. I tried to combine them and i realized it's not to bad. Pretty things make you great but when you turn an ugly things into pretty ones, it's greater. Isn't it? :)

black dress with pearl collar - sash
red bowler hat - sash
tights - sister's
shoes - unbranded