Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Long Hiatus Is Over


Omg i miss blogging so much. I haven't been log in since January 2013. That was a year ago. 

Actually I had posted some posts but the internet connection was always in trouble, so it was postponed. 

If you think I am not interested in blogging anymore, you are a bit right :p. No kidding , I am still interested in blogging. I miss blogging even I know there are not many people will read my blog, I don't mind. I think blog is one good way to put all my mind into real object, a post, a blog post. 
Imagining in 10 years later, I read my blog again. It will be fun to travel back, like I have a time machine. My own time machine. It will be great!

Early 2013, I started to enjoy a hype application where all teenagers and cool people surely have it. Yup, it is Instagram. I started posting my outfit through Instagram. Here are some of my best shots (or random silly ridiculous craps) : 

If you have Instagram account, please kindly follow me @holla_rani 

There are many things I'd like to write or share. My new project, redecorating my blog, my outfit post, and music stuffs perhaps. I think of changing my blog name and header. It is too old and I think of something new. Still thinking of it and searching for some inspiration. What do you think? Do you have any cool ideas? I will appreciate it if you have any thoughts and share it to comment column :) 

Xx, Rani