Friday, November 25, 2011

Surabaya Art & Fashion Festival 2011

FINALLY!! Got to post this haha. This is what i promise to you, post about Surabaya Art Fashion Festival. *yayness*

It was on October last month if i'm not wrong. This held in Surabaya Town Square. I got the tickets from my brother in law. Hahaha that's yayness things :))
It was a show, fashion show which its theme was Alice In Wonderland. Joining drama with fashion. Cool or what? ;)

As you know Alice In Wonderland is one of famous fairy tale story. It has the movie too.It was played by Anna Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway.

The story is about Alice, a girl who saw a strange rabbit bring ticktock clock and it was so strange that Alice follows him and get into a big hole. When she awake from faint, she feels so strange because she feels like she's ever been here before, Underland. She meets Mad Hatter and she has to help the White Queen & Underland from Red Queen's cruelty and kill the dragon.

One of the best film i've ever seen!

And this is Alice In Wonderland SAFF 2011 version. Enjoy!

The TickTock Rabbit

Other Participant, don't know what creature :P

This is one of my favourite costums, yeahabsolutely i love polkadots!

...And this is the main character, Alice!

Bad one, Red Queen

White Queen get arrested. Boo!

Red Queen with her guards

Even the guards can be so gorgeous

The Tree

Who's that? Yess it's Mad Hatter

So.. What's your favourite? :))

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This post is kinda boring one. I'm so sorry that I couldn't post anything since 6-7 months. That's long time I think and I really sorry :)) . Well this post is going to worse and worse because I've just realised that this laptop has broken. I am not able to upload photos and I don't know what's wrong. Ahh... maybe I should borrow another laptop or simply go to public net :P.

Actually I'm going to post about Surabaya Fashion & Art 2011 that held on last October. That was amazing experience. In fact it was the first time I've gone to kind of that stuff. I love fashion!

Lots of thing that i'm going to tell you but without any pics? that's boring rite? huhhhh

Anyway, how's your day guys? I mean all of you guys who read this post haha
Please kindly leave some message, comment or anything on my blog. I have no followers or friends yet. I'm amateur :P
I'm so welcome to making some friends :))
I'm new but i love learning.
See you guys with other post
I promise it will be interesting one :)

Love you all!