Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This post is kinda boring one. I'm so sorry that I couldn't post anything since 6-7 months. That's long time I think and I really sorry :)) . Well this post is going to worse and worse because I've just realised that this laptop has broken. I am not able to upload photos and I don't know what's wrong. Ahh... maybe I should borrow another laptop or simply go to public net :P.

Actually I'm going to post about Surabaya Fashion & Art 2011 that held on last October. That was amazing experience. In fact it was the first time I've gone to kind of that stuff. I love fashion!

Lots of thing that i'm going to tell you but without any pics? that's boring rite? huhhhh

Anyway, how's your day guys? I mean all of you guys who read this post haha
Please kindly leave some message, comment or anything on my blog. I have no followers or friends yet. I'm amateur :P
I'm so welcome to making some friends :))
I'm new but i love learning.
See you guys with other post
I promise it will be interesting one :)

Love you all!

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